WPC: Cheeky

Once again, I have to jump into the Weekly Photo Challenge.The theme this week is cheeky, defined as: Cheeky (adj): impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way. That’s pretty much the definition of kittens, so here, at nearly-year end, a review of some of my favorite cheeky, irreverent, endearing and amusing kittens…Read more »

WPC: Serene: Sleeping Cat

I haven’t participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge for a bit, but the challenge this week…something serene…brought this photo of our departed Gabi to mind.  She looked so serene in this shot, and I envied her the ability to just sleep anywhere, anytime.  She was a laid back, sweet soul.

Season’s End

Our Derry Township Community Cats season is over, and pet sitting is quiet until Christmas week. I am absolutely trashed, and so glad for some quieter days. There are still a few DTCC cats to keep an eye on. Winnie and Winston are with one foster and growing nicely.  And their mom, Willow, is with…Read more »

In Memoriam: Annie

We have lost far too many pets in the last two years. Most of them were quite elderly, and we expect that. But the heartbreak this week was losing Annie, who was only four. Annie joined our household four years ago. She was part of a colony that had been TNR’d, and some months after…Read more »