I’ve been negligent in catching you up on my current foster, Ruby. She’s an utterly sweet cat – loves everyone on sight. A playing machine!! The only way I could get her off me so I could photograph her was to set out her toys, and off she goes to play. Her spay is scheduled…Read more »

Gracie Chronicles: Growing Up

Gracie, for all the exasperation she (and all puppies) cause at times, has been impressing me quite a lot lately. A month ago, she seemed miles away from working on her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) materials, but she seems a great deal closer to being ready now. No one seems to have told her that…Read more »

Gracie Chronicles: More Training

Some of you probably saw my photo of Gracie, taken on Monday, where she gave me the evil eye for waking her up. What I didn’t share was the back story. Gracie slept a very good part of Monday. She didn’t really get moving until mid-afternoon. A delayed reaction, I think, to Sunday’s activities. We…Read more »