It’s a very good thing that most of our days doing TNR work (trap/neuter/return) are successful ones. The colony we tackled in February was incredibly gratifying, knowing that we got to the group in time to prevent 13 cats from turning into 50  or 60 or more by year’s end. Successes like that help keep…Read more »

Yellow Gums

“I think JoJo’s gums and ears look yellow,” said P, when she called me this morning. Yellow isn’t a good color for gums or the insides of ears, so I suggested she call the vet and see if we could get an appointment. Being Monday they were full up until tomorrow, so we decided to…Read more »


I first read about JoJo on Next Door late last December. He was wandering around a neighborhood with an injured foot and a collar that was much too tight. He was fairly friendly however, so someone else on the list got involved and was able, with help, to cut the collar off. Our program (Derry…Read more »

The Straggler

Some of you read about the colony we were working on most recently.  There were 13 cats in this colony and, in the end, we only got twelve of them. Now, 12 was great, especially with 8 of those cats being females. But still…it is so much more satisfying to finish the job. The colony…Read more »


I’ve been enjoying watching some of the Olympics. Figure skating is my thing, and I especially loved watching the team figure skating event. As each skater got their scores, the entire team sat together, a wonderful show of support and unity. Our TNR team has been the same way all week. We’re working on the…Read more »