The Fosters: Bucky and Kitten Updates

With the weekend just about upon us, here is what’s happened here at foster central. As some of you saw from the comments, I do not have bottle feeder kittens. Things change in rescue all the time, and another rescue had a bottle feeder nearby and immediately available, while I wasn’t available for another day,…Read more »

The Fosters: Sad News

Well, very sadly, three of the kittens in the litter I was to get died today. This happens sometimes, especially with a mom cat who has been brought inside just before the kittens were born. (Kittens were 2 weeks old.) We know nothing about the mother’s health. Sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, kitten…Read more »

The Fosters: Tidbits

It has been a busy time with the fosters…when is it not? But lots going on with all of them. Sugarberry, Huckleberry, and Rasberry went off to their forever home yesterday, and I heard that they were settling in beautifully. Their new people had come to visit them several times here which certainly helped with…Read more »

The Fosters: Bucky and the Treadmill

Bucky started a new chapter in his physical therapy today, and did very well. The last four weeks or so the focus was on pain relief, reduction of swelling – feeling better and healing in general. Today he got to start with the underwater treadmill which is about building back muscle tone and gain strength…Read more »