Wet Dog and Thank You

We’ve had a nice, soft rain, and moderate temps today, which is a relief from the hot days we’ve been having. Gracie was not exactly thrilled to ruin her hairdo out in the rain, but she’ll dry. Not too much to report, but I wanted to pop on and thank everyone for their kind comments…Read more »

In Memoriam: Lily

We had to let Lily go today. She was 16, with a serious heart murmur, has had chronic kidney disease for a few years, and most recently, the vet thought she probably had some kind of cancer. We brought her in to the vet a few weeks ago, and after blood work, that was the…Read more »

Bodhi Chronicles: Gotcha Day

It has come around again – it is Bodhi’s Gotcha Day! Four years ago, at the ripe age of 4 1/2, we adopted Bodhi from Castaway Critters. His original person had died unexpectedly, and the relatives didn’t want a lab who had been born blind. He wasn’t yet neutered. He had fleas and Lyme disease.…Read more »

The Fosters: Shy Cats

With the kittens at the three month mark, and scheduled for their spay/neuters in upcoming weeks, I am knee deep in applications for them. Two were spoken for many weeks ago, but I am looking at applicants for the other four (three kittens and Hannah). I have what seems to be an excellent home for…Read more »

The Fosters: Some 11 week pictures

Sorry to be so quiet here. Been getting my business up and running again, at a much smaller volume than usual of course. Not that many people traveling, and I certainly don’t blame them! But trying to get the pieces and people organized. I wanted to post pictures of the three kittens that are still…Read more »