Gracie’s newest trick, and cat updates

Gracie and I have been taking a class and working on something called “match to sample.” I showed some of the foundation work for this in an earlier blog, and then we got bogged down and weren’t making any progress. Last week was pretty busy anyway, and we were both getting frustrated so we took…Read more »

Dog Training Month

We’re starting a day early, but December is going to be dog training month. Gracie and I have had invites to go sit with children reading, and at the last one we were asked to do some tricks, but we haven’t kept up on that much. We did what we could, but we can do…Read more »

Helping the Fosters

Once a year the foster organization I volunteer with participates in a one-day fundraising event, the ExtraGive. It is an important fund raiser for us, and helps us cover more than $100K in medical bills each year. This has been a very tough year for all rescues and foster organizations. The pandemic closed spay/neuter clinics…Read more »