The Fosters: Hannah’s babies!

It has been a very long morning, and I’ll share the stories of Hannah’s kittens being born later when I’ve had breakfast and a bit of a rest, but I know you’re all waiting for a photo. Here is Hannah with her five babies, all nursing and looking good so far. Birthing started probably around…Read more »

The Fosters: Huge Hannah

I was really hoping to have kitten pictures to share with you by now, but they are still hiding out inside Hannah, who is sooooo much healthier now, thankfully. She is HUGE!! Compare that to the picture from about a week ago, and you can imagine how uncomfortable she has to be. She can’t even…Read more »

The Fosters: Still no kittens!

No kittens yet, but at least Hannah continues to improve and eat like the proverbial pig, which will be good for her and the kittens when they come. In the meantime, since there’s nothing new to share, I did a little video of the sweetie. Sorry about the orientation, but you’ll get the idea. And…Read more »

The Fosters: Hannah at home

Just a short update for today. Hannah was released from the emergency vet this morning and is here with me, on a boatload of meds. She is still snuffly, but she is breathing comfortably, and she is on an appetite stimulant and eating on her own. Phew!! Her temperature has dropped, and we don’t know…Read more »

The Fosters: Hannah Update

Well, Hannah is still hospitalized. The good news is that her infection is all upper respiratory, and her lungs continue to be clear. She does not have distemper/panleukopenia, which would be very bad. Her white blood cell count is a little high, which is expected with the infection. She isn’t eating yet, but she is…Read more »

The Fosters: Hospital Hannah

This week with the fosters has been quite the ride. Hannah has just gotten sicker and sicker. She’s been to the regular vet three times, but her upper respiratory congestion has gotten worse and worse. I’ve been giving her steam treatments in the bathroom all day, and saline nose drops, and everything I could think…Read more »