The Fosters: Is Ace a Keeper?

Well, much to our surprise, we are considering adopting Ace. We weren’t really contemplating another dog, but he’s such a nice little guy that we are thinking he might be a good choice. In his favor: He’s the kind of size we had already decided we would look for after Bodhi is gone. We are…Read more »


We are back from vacation, our first whole week off in at least a decade or more. This semi-retirement thing with pet sitting is good…no more working 365 days a year. We were off to Massachusetts to see Marley’s family, so it was an easy and relaxing week away. Another part of the fun was…Read more »

The Fosters: The Itty Bitties

I LOVE FOSTERING THE ITTY BITTIES!!! Fostering the tiny ones from early days to adoption is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I’m glad to foster at any age, but this is the absolute best. I know one of my blogging buddies lives in an area where there is a neo-natal rescue, and…Read more »