Gracie Chronicles: Petpalooza

There a big adoption event in our area each year called Petpalooza. All the rescues, TNR related groups, animal related vendors, and others all come for a one-day event. I’ve never gone before but the dog therapy group that Gracie hopes to join was there, and so were many of the rescues I know. The…Read more »

Gracie Chronicles: The Light Bulb

Those of you who train dogs may know what I mean about this. You can tell when your dog finally “gets it,” when the light bulb goes on. If they could talk it would be something like: “Ooohhhh, THAT’S what you want me to do.” (Maybe its like this with kids too…some of you moms…Read more »

Gracie Chronicles: Gracie’s Boyfriend

Ari and Gracie, sitting in a tree…well, not really. Gracie might be able to manage it, maybe, but Ari is just a bit big. But that didn’t stop him from giving his girlfriend a little kiss. Ari is a Leonberger, and a couple weeks younger than Gracie, and they’ve liked each other since they first…Read more »