Thomas: Living with Illness

    Thomas is one of our three “greys” who hasn’t been formally introduced here yet. He is worrying me a bit today; he didn’t eat much of his dinner last night or his breakfast this morning. That’s a little worrisome with any cat, but Thomas has Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) so not eating worries…Read more »


There are days when work just seems like work, and other days (most days, thankfully) that I am struck by how fortunate I am to be doing something I love. Caring for people’s pets is a vocation for me, and the rewards are powerful. Yes, I know that the word vocation is more often applied…Read more »

Invisible Cats 2

The incident happened a few months ago but it haunts me still. In a previous post I wrote about cats who try to make themselves invisible—our clients’ kitties who are shy. But there are also cats out there who are perfectly visible, yet invisible. They are the community cats. Those who care for them, or…Read more »

Boston pet sitters

As a professional pet sitter, my thoughts and prayers are with all of my Boston-area colleagues this morning, who must make choices between caring for pets in their charge, and personal safety. Thinking especially of the diabetic animals, dogs who need potty breaks, etc. May this situation end soon, and may you all be safe.

Bathroom Cats

  I’m not sure how many years it has been since I was allowed to use the restroom without feline supervision. Stripe, one of the three Greys (who haven’t been formally introduced yet) is especially vigilant about this responsibility. She not only goes racing for the bathroom if she thinks there is any possibility that…Read more »