Spring Shedding Season

There are two choices in spring, when Butterscotch starts to shed her incredibly thick double-coat.  We have no idea what the mix of dogs is within her, but some kind of northern dog (husky, etc) contributed to her coat, and it is everywhere once the warm weather hits. You can live with tons and tons of fur everywhere for a really long time. Or you can take her to the groomer and let her take an entire pound of fur (literally…we weighed her before and after)  off Butterscotch, and you have what we have dubbed the Puppy Cut!



Butterscotch with heavy fur



Butterscotch after grooming


Butterscotch after groom


She’s not only lighter, but she looks years younger…like a puppy! Not bad for an old girl who is almost 12. And the living room looks better too.


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