Magnificent Bodies

If you were to give me a biology test today I would fail spectacularly. My mind just doesn’t work that way. Still, biology amazes me, and I walked away from the biology class years ago with a profound amazement that bodies work at all. From the mitochondria—the powerhouses within the cells, to the cells, and…Read more »

Heartbreak and Healing

Today was about heartbreak, and a little bit of healing as well. I had to tell one of my clients that his cat, who seemed fine a week ago, is in the advanced stages of kidney failure. Kidney failure is rarely detected in cat until it is advanced…cats are experts (even geniuses) at hiding illnesses.…Read more »

Best Friends

I had to share this very cute photo (prepare to say “awwwwwww”) one of our clients sent along. The calico is maybe a couple years old, and the black kitty is less than a year old. They are new best friends, sharing a box. Just after this photo was snapped the calico turned and nipped…Read more »

Stripe’s Heart

Stripe is another of the three greys – you met Thomas, Stripe’s brother, in a previous post. One of the first things you’ll notice about Stripe is that she isn’t. Striped, that is. She is the most solid grey of the three greys, in fact. I didn’t name her. What can I say? If she…Read more »