It is every pet sitter’s nightmare: losing a client’s pet. The death of an already-sick animal while on your watch is no picnic, but it pales compared to the terror of having a client’s cat or dog escape the house or yard, seen or unseen. So you can imagine my distress when one of my…Read more »


Butterscotch is a barking machine. She was my dad’s dog first, and he lived out in the country, and he really loved that she barked when people were coming down the road. It alerted him to company, and he liked that. She had had nine years of practicing that skill when she came to live…Read more »


Summer is upon us, and for those of us who are pet sitters, this is crazy time. Busy, busy, busy…which is a good thing. Ands unlike so many folks for whom work is…well, work…I have been taking a master class in play. Thought you might like to meet some of my instructors.   An invitation…Read more »