Hiro and the Kitty Condo

Finding a way for Hiro to be outside, but not spraying in the neighbor’s yard, continues to be a challenge. Walking on the leash is ok, but he doesn’t really like leaving the yard, and as petsitters, our time during the summer is pretty limited. So here’s our newest attempt to give him the outdoor time he craves – his very own kitty condo.


Hiro's kitty condo

A little shade, a little sun, and lots of birds and wild critters to check out. Hiro wasn’t too sure about this at first, so I fed him his dinner in the new condo.


Hiro eating dinner

That helped, and it also attracted Hiro’s first would-be dinner guest!


Paris and Hiro

Eventually Hiro explored and tested out the amenities.

Hiro on hammock


Hikro and hammock

And though it took a couple tries, Hiro seems to like his condo now. He’s quite happy to keep on eye on the yard and all the wildlife out there. He comes in quiet, content, and relaxed. I think we’ll call it a success.

Contented Hiro

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