a cautionary letter

The author of the letter in this post has a lot of courage –admitting that you are this wrong is very hard. Don’t know if I could do it. But the story is so important. How we train dogs makes a difference–a life and death difference. I’m glad this person had the courage to tell her story.

Nancy Tanner

I receive letters from my clients all of the time. Holidays, birthdays, updates on their dog and family, vacation photos, a new trick learned, and everything in between. I love it, it makes my work feel so real, tangible.  This letter came in this morning and I was asked to share. While my heart is sad, and I write this with some tears, I thank this owner for being so brave to put pen to paper and send this my way. Fessing up to our mistakes is not easy, we have to let go of EGO completely. And with that comes the reality that there is going to be a level of judgement from others. If anything, it pains me that there are people out there calling themselves trainers, and harming dogs with really crappy awful advice, and allowing well intentioned people to believe it. 

With love, peace, and kindness…

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A Recipe for Making Cats

The post today is in response to a writing challenge that caught my fancy…a recipe for making ourselves or something else. My something else is a cat.

A Recipe for Making Cats

½ cup of independence
1 cup of attentiveness
A heaping handful of curiosity
A smidge of hunger seasoned with a touch of finicky
1 Tbsp of killer instinct
2 cups of affection
3 Tbsp of curmudgeonliness
Playfulness, as much needed to hold everything together

Purring sounds
A swishing tail
Alert whiskers
Sharp claws (a must…do not remove claws)

Blend well and let the mixture rise in the midst of a catnip patch filled with toys, feathers, and a soft bed. Pet under the chin, on cheeks, and behind ears as often as possible. Avoid petting the stomach area.

Storytime: Orange Cat

Just for fun, I thought I’d try something a little different, something I’ve seen done on another website that intrigued me.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are those words? In one word, a sentence, a caption, poem, or story, tell me the story behind this photo. Use  the comments section to write as much or little as you want.