One of the blessings of being a pet sitter is that we get to fall in love all the time. Here is my current love, Sophie, aka Velcro Kitty. Her guardians are lucky that I don’t steal her away!!  She is as sweet as she is beautiful.





10 thoughts on “Sophie

  1. Sophie looks very much like my ‘love’, Mocha. He is an “only” cat belonging to a client of mine. They moved far away, so now we have a long-distance relationship! I cried when they left.
    Yes, we are lucky as pet sitters to have so many opportunities for loving way beyond our own immediate furry families!

    1. It is very hard when the special ones (especially) move away or pass on…the flip side of what is do wonderful about pet sitting! I guess we can’t have one without the other.

  2. Beautiful (for a cat!) 🙂 Sorry…Bella made me say that. Seriously…her fur looks almost blue-black and those eyes…wow!

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