A Recipe for Making Cats

The post today is in response to a writing challenge that caught my fancy…a recipe for making ourselves or something else. My something else is a cat.

A Recipe for Making Cats

½ cup of independence
1 cup of attentiveness
A heaping handful of curiosity
A smidge of hunger seasoned with a touch of finicky
1 Tbsp of killer instinct
2 cups of affection
3 Tbsp of curmudgeonliness
Playfulness, as much needed to hold everything together

Purring sounds
A swishing tail
Alert whiskers
Sharp claws (a must…do not remove claws)

Blend well and let the mixture rise in the midst of a catnip patch filled with toys, feathers, and a soft bed. Pet under the chin, on cheeks, and behind ears as often as possible. Avoid petting the stomach area.

15 thoughts on “A Recipe for Making Cats

  1. Love this. I have 2 cats. Max is a long-haired tuxedo and ruler of the pet world in our home. His main ingredient – indifference to anything going on around him. But he is also full of love and purrs all the time. Thanks for sharing.

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