Paws Crossed

A follow up to my post yesterday, A Dark Day for Cats, about the South Newton Township decision to trap and kill all outdoor cats for two days in September…

First, thanks to all of you who signed the petition yesterday. Looks like they got the 2500 signatures they were looking for!

Alley Cat Allies has offered the Township free rabies shots for all animals in the Township if they rescind their plan. Read the press release here.

On the Facebook page for Alley Cats, PAWS of Central PA has offered to help the Township with TNR and is offering them 30 free spay/neuters…a very good offer as well. They haven’t heard back from the Township.

It seems that some local residents have also contacted an attorney about this decision…would love to see that go forward too. And I’m very glad to know that not all Township residents are on board with their governing bodies on this one.

I know others are reaching out to the Township too, including folks from our own Steelton Community Cats program.

I am keeping fingers and toes and paws crossed that the Township changes its plans and does the right thing. Especially with all the folks who are willing to help them do just that.


11 thoughts on “Paws Crossed

    1. Yay indeed…let’s hope all the pressure and all the offers of help make this awful decision go away.

  1. I hope that this all comes to something good for all of us. I cannot help but believe that doing violence to an animal lessens our humanity.

  2. I do not understand why some people hate cats. They are no more of a problem than having squirrels in your neighborhood. I live near Tampa where recently a child was bit by a cat exhibiting “rabies like behavior.” This gave them an excuse to round up all the cats in the area for “public safety.” They say they will quarantine the cats but they do not say what they plan to do with them after they check out clean. I am certain they won’t return them so I assume it is a death sentence for them. It’s a shame.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of this. I don’t understand, either, why people blame cats for so much. What a miserable situation for all those cats!

  3. Cats sadly have been targeted since the dark ages…remember what happened in England when they believed them to witches minions..rounded them all up killed them and then the rats took over and killed nearly the whole population..The Plague…well if we keep this mentality then when will the next outbreak occur! Luckily I could sign your seems the one fro the Victoria legislation here where I live that will allow puppy farms to kill dogs with hammers can’t be signed by Overseas people…not happy!

    1. I’d forgotten about the role of cats and the plague…thanks for the reminder. Getting rid of the cats does so much more harm than good…and no good at all for the cats. People can be truly horrid at times. Thanks for signing the petition.

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