A Dark Day for Cats Update

English: Herd (clowder) of Cats Српски / Srpsk...
English: Herd (clowder) of Cats Српски / Srpski: Чопор Мачака (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Under a great deal of public pressure, the South Newton Township Supervisors have cancelled the plans to capture and kill all the community’s outdoor cats in early September. I don’t have all the details yet, but thought you would all like to know that this atrocity is not going to happen.

So many organizations were stepping forward to offer assistance – Alley Cats and others. Hopefully the township will craft a real program to help them control the community cat population now.

Thanks to all of you who signed the petition – more than 14,000 signatures were collected! It is good to know that bad things can be stopped, at least some of the time.


8 thoughts on “A Dark Day for Cats Update

  1. What a sigh of relief! Since I read about your original post, the situation has been bothering me pretty bad. I’m glad that organizations like Alley Cat Allies exists to educate the public. Throughout history, many atrocities were bred from ignorance. And I’m happy this was avoided.

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