Sorry to be so quiet this week. Very busy days helping our local cat rescue group with some urgent needs – always gratifying. And partly quiet because I’ve been in lots of pain the last few days…stupid SI joint. This aging stuff is a royal pain in the you-know-what sometimes, and quite literally so right now!

But I have a client who rescued some very little babies by the side of the road after their mama was killed by a car. These poor little ones were in a ditch fending for themselves, and are getting good care right now and hopefully some homes! Thought you might enjoy some photos of little 6 week old kittens, even if they aren’t great shots. Kittens are always cute.


Kitten 1



Kitten 2



Kittren 3




(Don’t you love that I got the ear in the foreground in focus instead of the kitten in the background…oh well!)



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