“What do you mean, you’re going on vacation?”  Clearly, Thomas is not happy.




“Who will feed us? Scoop the litter? Keep those pesky dogs away from us? Who???”

“You know B,” I tell Thomas. “You like B, remember? She’s taken care of you before and everything was just fine. And L and R will be in to care for the dogs and make sure they get lots of exercise. All will be just fine. We’re only going to be gone a few days.”

“What — you’re going on vacation? Who said you could do that?” Butterscotch asks, awakened from her nap by my conversation with Thomas.




Sigh. Yes, we’re going on vacation. And as is usually the case, no good vacation goes unpunished. So much to get done before we go, and though I know all will be well, I do worry about our critters, and some that I care for regularly.

Poor Paris is still in his e-collar. His staples came out Friday and I was hoping the collar could come off (so was he) but not yet. A little more healing has to happen, and Paris just can’t leave a blemish on his body alone, so the e-collar has to stay. Poor guy.  It is supposed to come off on Monday and we will be gone, and if he chews on his scar and breaks it open I will not be happy (and neither will his caretakers!)


Paris in collar


And then there’s two kitties I care for every week. One has pretty advanced kidney disease. She is losing weight slowly, but has been stable. The other cat, normally the image of health, didn’t want to eat yesterday. That cat ALWAYS eats. Always. So I had a fretful night, but she was her usual little piggy self this morning. I had a long talk with these two and told them that they may not be ill this coming week while I am gone, or I will be very disappointed in them. That should work, right?

Luckily, I work with a fabulous staff and all will be fine. They are equipped to handle whatever comes the way of our pet sitting business, but I hope nothing too challenging gets tossed at them. In the meantime, Marley and I are going off to a lovely B&B that has two cats and a dog in residence (don’t tell my fur kids) and we’re going to visit Niagara Falls and a bunch of wineries, and generally be slugs for a few days. And the critters here had better behave themselves and stay healthy and sound, or there will be no biscuits or catnip when we return.






6 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Have a good vacation. The pups and kitties will be just fine! Woooowoooooo, Ku
    p.s. But my Mama is never allowed to leave me! 🙂

  2. Sometimes I wonder with all the prep work getting the critters ready, worrying about them and then the work when you come home, is it worth it? Have a great trip!

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