Remember Me Thursday

Some years ago, I volunteered each week for a local rescue, PAWS of Central PA, and every Wednesday I went to a local pet store, where they had lots of adoptable cats on display. For an hour or two, I took the cats from their cages and played with them, and provided room service for them. It was gratifying to see many of the cats find their forever home. It was heartbreaking to see some really extraordinary cats go from being kittens to teenagers and on without finding homes of their own, I ended up adopting two of them (Mittens and Hiro, below). I just couldn’t imagine why no one had taken them home yet…such sweet cats.



Well, I heard from Texas, a cat in…Austin that this Thursday is a day to honor and remember all of those animals who have not found their forever homes yet. Rescue groups all over are honoring them with “Remember me Thursday.”  We are invited to light a candle – as individuals or groups or whatever you can manage – to bring awareness to the plight of all those animals who are waiting to be loved by someone special. Want more info? Check out the website.

Take a few moments to check out this wonderful video as well, and then be a light for orphan pets, and their voice, with millions of others this Thursday.