Therapy Animals

No good vacation goes unpunished, and mine was no exception. Things have been a mile a minute since I returned, even on days that looked as if they were going to be quiet. Not. I have been getting just a wee bit…or maybe a lot…cranky.

But bless the animals I pet sit for who can make me laugh, and brighten up the days.

One of them, today, is a cat who is new for me. C is one of those scaredy cats…so scared that he shrieks when I come in the room, poor guy. If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you know I love these cats. Winning them over is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and C and I will be friends…I think…before we’re done. You have to go slow with these guys and give them space, and really tasty cat food and a little catnip doesn’t hurt either. Today C decided that if he crawled under a blanket on the couch and stayed nice and still that I wouldn’t know he was there, or maybe that he wouldn’t know I was there. Can’t see you, so you’re not here. I sat right next to him, so he could smell me, and gave him a pat here and there. He didn’t run screaming, and that’s a good sign. But it was hard not to laugh at the cat logic that thinks I don’t know what  a lump under the blanket on the couch means. Pretty funny.

The other was a dog for a client of mine who has two cats, but they’re caring for a friend’s dog while the friend is recuperating. (That’s really nice of them, I think!) Anyway, my normal dog walker for L is on vacation and I didn’t have time to go meet L in advance, but she’s reputed to be very friendly and easy going, so I just went at her normal walking time. She was a little nervous when I walked in…not a lot, just a touch, and that’s expected. But one of the cats – and these two love me – came running over to see me, which was all the introduction the dog needed. I was now the resource she wanted, and she was more than ready to go walking with me. I’m not sure the cat was pleased. But L was very happy. Our walk was more like a squirrel hunt than a walk…we both got a lot of exercise, and that lightens the mood too.

So thankful for animals who can make me laugh and brighten the day. Maybe I’ll wait another half hour before returning to the paperwork.

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    1. Yeah, there’s tons of paperwork. All the stuff that goes with a staff of 10…c’est la vie. But I get to play with dogs and cats, so it balances out.

  1. Ah the lump that no one sees…it’s a mystery isn’t it hehehe I love a challenge too and the personality of these sorts of animals is very alluring…to break down barriers is so rewarding 🙂

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