The Blessing of Ants? …Not

It is a conundrum. Everything that was created is supposed to be good. All of it. But theology goes out the window sometimes. I remember one service of blessing of the animals that I helped organize, where we discovered thousands of fire ants in the space. We were madly spraying trying to get rid of the creatures so we could bring people and their pets in to be blessed. There was something wrong with that picture, even if it was imminently practical.

Fire ants
Fire ants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Theology goes out the window when the ants invade my kitchen too.  It isn’t that I’m a great cook, far from it. I just don’t want ants in my food, on my counters, in my sink or anyplace else in the house. I don’t want to pour a bowl of breakfast cereal out to find that the ants beat me to it. The outside is theirs. The inside is mine. Coming down to the kitchen in the dark at 6 am to discover that we left one tiny bit of kibble on the counter, and that the neighborhood ants have invited not only all their relatives, but every ant for 10 miles around, is not how I like to start my day.

After trying various home remedies, including peppermint oil, which worked for a couple days, we finally threw up our hands and had the exterminator in. I hate chemical sprays…not good for us or our pets, no matter what folks tell me. But I hate the ants more at this point. (“Bless me Father, for I have sinned…I hate the ants. I know you made them…can’t stand the little suckers. Sorry.”)

So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they use this gel stuff, which the ants ingest, take back to their nest, and feed to their buddies, and everyone dies. The exterminator called it The Last Supper. Who knew that some ants like their gel sweet and some like their gel with protein instead? Our ants apparently have a sweet tooth, and I say that if it’s the last supper, it might as well be all dessert.

The ants seem to feel the same way. There is a long line of them waiting to munch. Eat on up, guys. Enjoy. Share it with your friends, and leave my kitchen alone!

6 thoughts on “The Blessing of Ants? …Not

  1. I know. Sometimes It is hard to leave them alone. Eat or be eaten. Apparently, sweet bread coated with borax will do the trick as well. I am sure God will not hold that against you.

  2. Diotomacious earth will work over the long run. It’s non-toxic, but it kills bugs with exoskeletons by breaking them down. It’s not a quick fix, but it does work.

  3. Like you I get conflicted. Not so much about ants, they need to get out but the spiders who do good things. I try to rehome them outside if I can. However mosquitoes and creepy hard shelled bugs are open season. Our newest cat eats them all. It has solved a lot of problems although I doubt that she would eat 200 ants!

    1. Several of our cats go after anything that moves too, though not the ants unfortunately. The extermination company tried to talk me into a monthly maintenance contract, and when I wasn’t buying it they tried to tell me that it would prevent mice…probably figuring that women are afraid of mice. I let them know that I have six cats who would take care of any mouse who tried to invade here. We had one once, and I’m pretty sure the word got out that this wasn’t a good house for mice to visit.

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