Feeding dogs is a breeze…at least most dogs. They will eat darn near anything, especially if you have a lab or lab mix. The lab motto is: “It might be edible…might as well check.” It could be a plastic butter container (a favorite of Paris’s) and they will still eat it. So many dogs will eat anything you serve them, and they will eat the same stuff day after day after day.

Paris awaiting dinner

Cats…whole other story. At least our cats. They would probably eat kibble endlessly, but I’m not a believer in lots of kibble for cats. I’ve seen too many diabetic cats become not-diabetic when they are switched off kibble. Our cats get a teeny bit of kibble each day, but that’s basically desert for them. Junk food. They get wet food…really good wet food. And because they have different eating habits, we have four dining rooms for the six cats to prevent stealing and other shenanigans. It’s quite the operation. And despite the fact that they eat in four separate areas, separated by doors and staircases, they still have managed to conspire about the rules they require for meals.

Here is today’s food haul from the pet store.

Cat food

This selection (Natural Balance, Merrick, Earthborn, Go!, Wellness, and others) is geared to fit the rules our cats impose on eating time. It goes like this:

1) Variety is the spice of life. Forget about all those articles that say you have to switch foods slowly. Our cats will not eat the same thing repeatedly, They won’t even eat the same company brand day after day. They would rather starve.

2) What was served at breakfast shall not be served again at dinner or it will be left on the plate.

3) What was served on Tuesday should not be served again until Thursday at the very earliest.

4) The cats reserve the right to reject any food at any time for any reason. It may have been absolutely fantastic yesterday, and every morsel consumed, and today it is garbage.

5) The more expensive the food the better they like it, but rule #4 still applies.

6) At any given meal, at least one cat (out of six) is selected to hate the food, even if they loved it in the past.

7) Minh, who was a feral kitten originally, is unlike the rest of the cats, and is more like Mikey of past commercial fame: “He’ll eat anything.” Pretty much anytime, anyplace. Ferals, and former ferals, do that. Thankfully. Minh gets great leftovers. Maybe he’s figured that out.

Minh yawning

Once you understand the rules, it is really quite simple. We simply understand that whatever we do will be wrong in someone’s eyes at every meal, and c’est la vie. They’ll eat at the next one. Unless we mistakenly serve the same food, and then we are in deep trouble with the cats. Oh well. We’re used to it. The cats put us in the dog house all the time.


Stripe eating

9 thoughts on “Rules for Feeding Cats

  1. Thank goodness I am not the only one hahahah it’s a logistical extravaganza at feed time here..Dinnermintz has zero kibble due to even the science diet f/d making her wee blood..she can’t have tinned food unless it is science diet,so she has that and fresh meat..so she needs to eat apart from the other 3 girls who get a bit of kibble ( I agree with what you say about it) and good tinned food..but one is becoming a piggy so she is now going to a separate area….I think that’s why people with more than 2 cats have four bedroom homes even when the kids have left home….. and as for Labs ..well Forrest is a lab x staffy size of a lab the lab part …stomach..we refer to him as a Labrastomach..but he and Doc a foxie are on pretty strict healthy diets…it’s feeding time at the zoo….and away we go…..hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Hey, you gotta feed them what they’ll eat! And there are lots of good quality kibbles out there.

  2. So funny! My last post was about my one cat who is on a diet. Managing dinnertime (or any food time) with a young cat who needs calories, a fat cat who doesn’t, a diabetic cat who needs to eat healthy and a cat who won’t eat anything but kibble and gravy is always a challenge. Even with all that and 4 separate eating areas, they still steal from each other.

    1. Having one cat who needs calories and one who doesn’t can be a real challenge. We have the same with some of ours and it keeps up hopping! We can’t let the pudgy one out until everyone else is done eating and dishes are pulled.

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