Cattystacks…Kitty fun

I discovered a new item last week and got some for the cats – Cattystacks.  Boxes. Really fun boxes. The company’s slogan is “because cats like boxes.” You can put as many together in whatever configuration you want. My guys don’t always want me to catch them with the camera in the boxes, I did manage to get a few shots! You can find your own at Cattystacks


Kitty tails

Kitty face







9 thoughts on “Cattystacks…Kitty fun

  1. That there is a large amount of cute! Cats DO like boxes. Wow!

  2. Can’t let my cats see this post!

  3. Sisfur Zoe loves boxes tooowooowooooo!

    • And boxes with holes in them…even more fun! The holes even line up so you can climb up and up…very good.

  4. Great idea love it 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum x

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