Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers: Our Cats, youngest to oldest

This week’s photo challenge is all about layers. Here are our kitties, youngest to oldest



Minh, taken in from the streets maybe three years ago


Hiro, maybe 4 or 5




Stripe, one of the three greys, all siblings around 9


Lily, another of the greys


Thomas, the third of the greys


Gabi, 14, and the matriarch of the household


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers: Our Cats, youngest to oldest

  1. Awesome! I have 4, one that looks like Gabi but is a male, two that look like Stripe (ours are all gray with no stripes), one that looks like Minh but is a male.

    • Sounds like a lovely crew, and practically a mirror image of our gang! Our Stripe does not have any stripes either…she was named by a 7 year old boy. What can I say?!

  2. Six cats! You are my hero! Each one is beautiful!

    • Six cats and two dogs…we’re nuts!! And Roger, our sick feral, has a room of his own probably for at least a month. They all keep us hopping!

      • Oh yes, I forgot about Roger. Poor thing. (or lucky thing. Is it possible to get him adopted out rather than return to street life?

      • Right now I think he is way too feral for adoption…we’ll have to see. I would love to see him somewhere other than the streets, even keep him, but not sure he’d be happy with that. Time will tell. Right now he is hissing mightily at me, which means he is feeling better, and that’s good.

  3. Oh they are so adorable. Lucy, the cat I adopted, is a spitting image of Stripe.

  4. Gabi, we beautiful calicos must be the matriarchs! Me-Ommmmm

  5. each one of them is beautiful and adorable. miss my cats 😦

  6. Beautiful family 🙂 I house full of kitties is always a joy!! hugs Fozziemum xx

  7. Such elegant kitties. Six is a good size for a family.

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