Roger’s new digs

I thought it might be time to update those of you following along with Roger’s journey. If you’re new here, Roger is a 6 month old feral kitten, part of a colony Derry Township Community Cats is caring for, and he was really looking quite sick. Quite. He was sick enough that I was able to capture him with just a blanket one day. He had Hookworms (very nasty things that eat you up from inside) and other health problems, and was so thin we couldn’t even get a needle to stay in him to give him fluids. So for now, he is living in my spare bedroom, and will be for quite a while until he is healthy enough to go home.

Roger has finished a week of medications of various sorts, and he had to live in a live trap during that time so we could get our hands on him twice a day to medicate him. The traps are not exactly spacious, but he improved while there. He has been eating two 5.5 ounce cans of cat food a day, which for a cat who probably weighs about 4 pounds max, is a lot. Eye drops have cleared up his eyes, and he is alert  and doing so much  better. He’s hissing at me like crazy now, which means he feels better. He’s got some spunk in him again.

When we finished Roger’s last dose of meds last night he got moved to new and spacious digs – a large dog crate.

Roger's crate

Covered in fleece, along with some blankets, it is a nice cozy cave for the scared little guy. He’s got some nice fleece inside too – check it out.


He’s feeling pretty shy, and I didn’t want to stress him by doing too many photos, but here’s one where you can see a little more of him. I had to use a flash, so his eyes are fine – just startled by the flash. He’s eating like the proverbial pig, and after I added a little dirt to the litter in his box, he has figured out what the litter box is for – hooray!!


In the meantime, he has room service and we’re looking forward to seeing him with a few more pounds on him over the next weeks. He’s here for as long as it takes. He’ll be our Thanksgiving guest, and Christmas guest if need be.

25 thoughts on “Roger’s new digs

  1. What a wonderful guest to have at this time of year too! he looks good..i am sure with the hissing starting the purring and head butters won’t be far off 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. He’s pretty strongly feral…not sure we’ll get to purring and head butting, but we’ll see!

    1. So far he’s too scared to be full of mischief, but that will change. He looks sooooo much better than he did a week ago.

    1. We are worried about the colony and hookworms. The hookworms live in the soil and are impossible to get rid of. So many challenges with these communities!

      1. Any way to medicate a community? I have been fortunate. We’ve had worms but not hookworms. Jake come home with those creepy tape worms hanging to his butt once.

      2. No real way to medicate a whole community – we would have to catch all 20 some cats. But we will keep an eye on everyone and provide care where needed!

      3. Thanks. Doses have to be correct for weight, and multiple doses over 2-3 weeks are required, so hard to put in food unfortunately. But we are keeping an eye on things, not to worry.

  2. By the time you are finish with Jake, I don’t think he would want to go back in the wild. Thank you for taking care of Jake.

  3. Not sure whether it helped but I fed dimataceous earth to the colony for two weeks right before you captured Roger. I was hopeful if parasites were the problem, it would kill them. You can check it out here for future reference.
    So happy to see him looking so peaceful. That was something he hadn’t been for awhile. Thank You Thank You Thank you.

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