Rita, Roger…Rita update

We seem to have had a lot of difficulty figuring out the sex of this little kitty we’ve been caring for.  She started as Rita…then  we thought she was actually Roger…turns out she really is Rita.

You can trust us this time…the vet is the final authority here. Poor Rita got an unexpected visit to the vet today.

Rita was doing great for quite a few days, and then earlier this week, she got lethargic and wouldn’t eat. Fluids, said the vet. The good news is that Rita has a scruff now, something she didn’t have when we first captured her. She’s actually gained some weight. We tried to give her fluids the first day we had her and we couldn’t get a needle to stay between her fur and body. She was that dehydrated. She has a scruff now, and one dose of fluids and Rita looked much better, and started eating again. For a day. And then she stopped eating again.

Several fluid applications later, we discovered that Rita was severely constipated, and Barbara, one of the Derry Township Community Cats folks who knows feral/community cats very well, whisked Rita off to the vet. Relieved of her constipation, she is on some pain meds and other things to prevent further episodes, and make her feel better. It may be that she had diarrhea for so long that her muscles just got out of shape. At any rate, she’s cleaned out now, and definitely more comfortable. She’s staying with Barbara now, since Barbara is amazingly skilled at medicating kitties who aren’t domesticated, and I’m newer at this. Rita needs the best we can give her, and that’s Barb at this point.

The report is that she ate very well this evening, and is settling in at her new foster home nicely. She’s actually in a space where she can see other cats, and that’s probably a lot more fun for her than my spare bedroom where she’s by herself a lot. But I do miss her! Hisses and all. And am thinking good thoughts for her continued recovery.

Rita’s snuggle friend while she was here with me was this cute little stuffed toy.

stuffed toy

It needed, and got, a bath this evening. But tomorrow I’m sending it to her with my good wishes. I’m sure her snuggle friend will make her feel better in no time.


14 thoughts on “Rita, Roger…Rita update

    1. She has had a difficult time, but at least she is gaining weight…that’s a good sign. Hopefully we can get her regulated and continue on the weight gain journey.

  1. Poor Rita…..But She has to know by now that you are helping her…even if her wildness won’t let her show you her appreciation…she will bond to you guys anyway. Give her a thumbs up from me Barb Peggy

    1. Barb says that she is really enjoying being around other cats this evening – that has to help her feel better. Hopefully this was the last bump on her road to full recovery!

    1. She is in a dog crate since she hasn’t been tested for things like FIV etc. so she can watch comfortably without worry.

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