Rita update

Just a quick update for those of you wondering how Rita is doing…

The answer is: better. She is having a good time seeing lots of other kitties at Barb’s house and has perked up a good deal. She is still having trouble passing stool, and needs nightly massages to help her do that. Very easy for her to bounce between diarrhea and constipation, and there is a chance that she suffers from megacolon, but too soon to make that call yet.

But she is letting herself be pet and handled, she is purring, and doing what we call “elevator butt” in response to pets on her lower back. Kneading her blankets, and generally doing better.

She goes back to the vet’s probably on Wednesday, when she has finished her course of antibiotics. And I have my fingers crossed big time…She will be combo-tested for FIV/FELV and if she is free of those, she is going to be joining our household for good. (If she has one of those, we also have good places for her to be that do not involve going back outside to live.) She is not a hearty soul, and really not suited to being an outdoor kitty. Though she will probably never be a lap cat, she shows many signs that she can be a comfortable part of our indoor crew.

It will take some time to get everyone adjusted, and she will need to have her own space and litter box until we are sure that we know what she is and isn’t producing, but she can have kitty visitors in her room. With six cats, we’re quite used to making introductions, and our youngest, Minh, (our orange kitty) will probably be happy (in the long run if not the short) to have a young cat in the house to play with him. The rest of our crew is quite a bit older than him and tend to be more annoyed than amused by his attempts to play. I bet Rita will be glad to have a playmate. Minh was a feral kitty, about Rita’s age when we brought him in. He, too, is a special needs kitty – his mouth was a bloody mess that nothing helped until we had all of his teeth removed. Since then he has been a happy boy, and a bit of a piggy…have to watch his weight. Like all ferals (previous ferals) he wants to eat anytime, never sure when the next meal will be served.

Minh and dinner
Minh says: “Did I hear right? Are you getting me a little sister?”

So, keep your fingers crossed. I got attached to this little girl while caring for her, and it would be a good Thanksgiving present to know that she will be a permanent part of our household.

11 thoughts on “Rita update

    1. Don’t encourage Minh – he;s enough of a handful!! But we love the guy anyway. Hopefully a little sister will give him a run for his money.

  1. I am so happy for all of you! Returning feral cats back does work, but Rita just didn’t seem like the type that would survive there. What a great holiday gift!

    1. Yeah, Rita just isn’t a hearty soul, and may need ongoing medical care. I will be really relieved once the combo test is done and she is cleared!

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