Annie’s (& Lily’s) Great Adventure

Those of you who have been following along know that we’ve added a sick feral kitten, Annie, to our existing crew.  We’re working on her health issues, which have been challenging. Bless the wonderful vets who are trying this and that and will eventually find out exactly what she needs. In the meantime, she is improving. Sometimes she even purrs when I pet her.

She is very shy about leaving her crate and especially the bed/cave I gave her when she first came.


After a week of hiding in her cave, I replaced it with a flat bed today (she can have the cave for nights) in order to get her to move about more and engage. One of our cats, Lily, has been curious about Annie, and they’ve had a couple ” play dates” in the bathroom, a room where she can’t get under anything and become inaccessible. Today, she and Lily were facing each other in their beds, and I took away Annie’s bed to get her out and moving a bit.

Little did I–orLily– expect her to leap right into Lily’s bed. Lily, bless her heart, didn’t hiss once. Here are the photos of their time together. Not great shots – they were right by the window and the light was awful for this, but sometimes you get what you get. Lily goes from being a bit shocked to almost accepting the little interloper. Check out their faces!






I wonder what the next adventure will be for these two!


15 thoughts on “Annie’s (& Lily’s) Great Adventure

  1. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that series of photos tell a beautiful story. I love keeping up with your babies.

    1. Lily was probably as distressed as Annie – she’s a nervous nellie. But I give her credit for not rocking the boat and just letting things be! And I do think they will be friends, little by little.

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