Today was not supposed to be the day.

I have been caring for a sweet kitty for almost a year, and because of her person’s schedule I see her pretty much seven days a week, at least once.  She was diagnosed with kidney disease about nine months ago, and so even when her person is in town, I go over to give her and her feline sister lunch. Eating is critical for kidney cats, and especially ones with numbers as awful as hers were.

So when she started acting kinda punk the last couple days I got a little worried. When she didn’t want to eat at all this morning, I got a lot worried. I expected that her kidneys were doing poorly, and off to the vet we went to see what the story was. I thought we were going to hear that I needed to give fluids more often, give anti-nausea meds more often. But, amazingly enough, her kidney values were actually improved. I’ve been giving her fluids 3 times a week for nine months, and it not only held the kidney disease at bay – it actually looked a bit better. (There is no cure, so doing better is the best you’re gonna get here.)

But if the problem wasn’t kidneys, what was it? The vet wanted x-rays, so back we went. None of  us expected what we saw on the pictures… a heart tumor that was as big or bigger than the heart itself. Very scary pictures. And absolutely nothing to do, especially with a senior cat with kidney disease. Rather than have her potentially suffer alone in her home for hours before anyone knew, the decision was made to let her go mercifully.

I was with her until the end, which is one of the great honors of my profession, and one of my saddest duties.

Her sister cat is very stressed…doesn’t know what has happened. She’s under a bed tonight, and perhaps tomorrow she will accept some comfort from me, but for tonight I will not push her. We will both just be sad in our own ways.

I’ll miss my sweet little kitty so much…she was like my own. I had no idea, when I woke up this morning, that this would be the day. Rest in peace sweetie. No more of your hated fluids therapy. I hope that where ever you are, they have lots of good toys, tons of fresh catnip, and all the salmon you can eat.


25 thoughts on “Farewells

    1. Thank you. Very tough, but I’m glad I got to share part of my life with this sweet girl.

  1. That is always a tough moment, and a difficult choice. I’ve been down that road. I’m glad she was where loving hands and a heart for her when the end came.

  2. Debra, I am so glad you posted a picture of her. I have heard so much about this kitty, it was lovely to see what a pretty cat she was. She was very lucky to have you, especially when she was sick. I know you will miss her like she was your own. That’s the price of really caring for your animal clients.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I do miss her terribly…but am glad I was able to care for her and be with her.

    1. Thanks, Ellie. It was incredibly difficult, and the sweet kitty is sorely missed…you know the feeling! Debra

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