This week’s photo challenge asks for pictures of what has been abandoned. These particular feral or community cats are not abandoned. They do have caretakers who have gotten everyone spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and medical problems handled, and they are fed daily. But some many colonies of community cats consist of cats who HAVE been abandoned.

People move and dump their cats on a colony they’ve seen. Or they don’t even move and they dump their cat because they just don’t want it anymore. One of my friends actually saw someone toss a very young female cat out their car window as they were driving on a busy road. You can tell these cats have been abandoned because they tend to be friendly and willing to be around people – like the people who tossed them out as if they were garbage. It breaks my heart, and the hearts of many, and it taxes those who care for outdoor cats as well.

This winter has been especially long and cold, and so hard on the community cats. Here are some pictures of a colony that is well cared-for, but living outside in the winter is still a very tough road.


Black cat

Hiding cat


Grey cat


Feral cat


Feral cat


Feral cat


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned: Feral Cats, Winter

  1. Beautiful cats all of them…all so deserving of a warm bed a loving cuddle and a caring heart..people never cease to disappoint me….bless everyone who cares and for those who don’t I wonder at their lives …hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. What beautiful cats. It breaks my heart that people abandon pets like garbage. But thankfully there are feral colonies that will get cats vetted, or rescues and shelters that will take cats in. My newest cat trixie was abandoned at a rescue, fortunately for her she would have been cared for by the rescue for life. We fostered her because she had been there a while and was plucking her fur out. Now she has a home, her fur is growing back and she’s doing great. She is super friendly and can’t seem to get enough attention.

    1. I’m so glad you could give Trixie a home – sounds like she is in just the right place for her!

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful creatures. My blessing to the people who take care of them. And my non-blessings to the people who throw these furry friends away. Shame on them!

  4. That brings tears to my eyes. I know and have known cats that have been better friends to me than many a human person has been. It’s why I’m looking at a beautiful calico in our community who is very friendly and wants in the house so badly. George looks at me when he sees her and tells me he’s love to have a friend like her. The only thing, really, keeping her out is a lack of resources.

  5. I’m still working on raising awareness in my neighborhood. It can be very frustrating trying to get the help the community of cats in my area the help they need and deserve. It breaks my heart to see wonderful creatures treated so horribly. Especially when there are ways to help that are pretty easy as solutions go. This also includes dogs or any animal that has been abandoned. Thank you for highlighting this important issue. >^..^<

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