Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside: Cats

This week’s photo challenge asks us to photograph things inside other things. Cats are experts at being inside things, almost anything. In our house, with seven cats, we have lots of beds, boxes, cubbies, and cat trees with inside places to hide. Here’s a small selection of our cats inside things.

















13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside: Cats

  1. I can’t let my cats see this post. You have way more places to sleep than they do (not counting the furniture and any horizontal surface) and they will be jealous! I am getting them their first cat tree. They better use it!

  2. So sweet, amazing how all cats like these play trees 🙂

  3. Cats… I do not understand Cats.. they swat, yet they will not let me swat. I am a boxer mix.. I swat

  4. They do love hiding, don’t they? And they look so cute while doing it.


    • Hiding is definitely something cats do very well. As a pet sitter, finding cats is sometimes a very time-consuming game!

  5. Doesn’t matter where they curl up, they always look comfortable. 🙂

  6. I’m like a cat – I always like to be mostly hidden. I wonder if they make cozy spots like that for humans?

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