Annie Update

The other day I realized that I haven’t said a lot about Annie lately, and that’s because there isn’t a lot to say, which is good news. The best news, however, is that she is no longer on any medications for colon issues. Her body can do all it needs to do without any assistance…Read more »

Easter Eggs?

For whatever reason, my husband likes to collect golf balls that he finds while out walking dogs. He brings them home and dumps them next to our front porch. Looking at them this morning, I couldn’t help but notice their resemblance to (very badly) hidden Easter eggs. This would be the golf ballĀ  Easter egg…Read more »

At Play in the Fields

It is such a gorgeous day today, and we had a nice long break from pet sitting duties in the middle of the day, so off to the fields we went with the dogs. How can you not enjoy watching your dogs run like lunatics and take a dip in the creek?      …Read more »