Weekly Photo Challenge: Thresholds: Cats and Play

When you have a 10 month old kitten in the house with a group of older cats, much time is spent watching the little one try to initiate play…usually by pouncing on someone. Not always appreciated by the older cats, who don’t always consider it play. Here are some shots of the kitten (Annie) on the threshold of “play” with Thomas (gray) and Minh (orange).


Thomas and Annie


Thomas and Annie

Thomas to Annie: “Don’t even think about it.”




Minh, minding his own business…


Minh and Annie



Minh, minding his own business again, but aware of Annie below…



Those of you who know cats can pretty much guess what came after this shot!

Thresholds. The start of play for Annie, and annoyance for some others.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thresholds: Cats and Play

  1. And it lasts a long time! Morgan is coming up on 2 and still does the same thing. It used to be that our old cat Jake would give her a head wamp and she would go away. Now she head wamps him back and they have this “paws batting the air” battle. Hilarious!

    1. I know that routine!! Minh, who annoyed the daylights out of everyone about 5-6 years ago, is now Annie’s favorite target. Guess it serves him right. 🙂

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