Pre-holiday Hell?

What is it with pet sitting and holidays? Or, in this case, pre-holidays?

Last year, during the Fourth of July period I wrote about Holiday Hell. It all seems to be happening again, only just a little in advance of the school’s spring break and Easter weekend. I can only hope that means that we are now done with holiday hell and we will have a quiet Easter weekend…please.

Early in the week at one home with seven pets Someone was peeing lots of blood in their urine. It took a few days to figure out which one it was, but once we got that done and the vet visited and a bunch of Clavamox down his throat he is doing well, and should be just fine by the time his people return.

Another critter, this one a cat who was probably a dog –make that a Labrador– in a previous life….there isn’t anything or anytime he won’t eat…wouldn’t eat. I don’t care if there are no other symptoms than not eating for this cat. If he won’t eat, he is sick. End of story. As it turned out he was vomiting too, so off to the vet he went yesterday. He had a fever and was a little dehydrated…cause unknown. But with some fluids and antibiotics he is doing better and eating. But he is staying Chez Vet for the weekend so they can be sure all systems are working properly.



(Photo is of one of our cats, Annie, at the vet, and not the real pet who shall remain anonymous…Hippa Laws and all)

Last evening another kitty wasn’t eating, and she usually has a pretty healthy appetite. She wasn’t acting like herself, so I made a vet appointment for her for this morning. Another fever, and this time a bladder infection. I am so looking forward to putting pills down her throat twice a day…she is going to HATE me. She’s also lost a pound in four months, and though she could easily afford that pound (and probably another one or two) some blood was drawn to check on her basics. She’s an old lady cat, and a senior panel is never a bad idea when there’s any question about how the body is doing.

Three sick pets in one week is most unusual. I can only guess that they got the date of Easter wrong and thought it was the holiday already. The constantly changing date of Easter is so hard to remember from year to year. If I can’t get it right, why should the dogs and cats?ย  So, happy Easter from a dog and two cats who got things messed up and are on the mend. Let’s hope the real Easter weekend is full of sunshine, flowers, and a decided lack of vet visits.

6 thoughts on “Pre-holiday Hell?

  1. You are a wonderful pet sitter. I love my pet sitter who is a vet tech but I don’t think she would recognize blood in anyone’s urine. In fact, she never sees Hazel at all and it’s not unusual for her to only see Morgan who loves people and wants her to move in.

  2. Poor babies…always the way though …hope they al make a speedy recovery and leave the holidays a little less stressful ๐Ÿ™‚ Fozziemum xx

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