Pure Joy Golden Style

Sometimes pet sitting is just a pure joy, and there are few dogs as joyful and affectionate as Goldens. They are grateful for every ounce of attention you send their way, endlessly happy. Can you tell that I’m having a wonderful time with this lovely girl???




“Golden retrievers are not bred to be guard dogs, and considering the size of their hearts and their irrepressible joy in life, they are less likely to bite than to bark, less likely to bark than to lick a hand in greeting. In spite of their size, they think they are lap dogs, and in spite of being dogs, they think they are also human, and nearly every human they meet is judged to have the potential to be a boon companion who might, at many moment, cry, “Let’s go!” and lead them on a great adventure.”
Dean Koontz


Marthas ball


Marthas ball



“The face of a golden retriever feels like home.”
David Rosenfelt, Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure






9 thoughts on “Pure Joy Golden Style

  1. I have always loved retrievers. They are so friendly. Of course I like pit bulls, boxers, terriers, spaniels……..

  2. I’m a little partial to them myself… 🙂

  3. Who could resist falling in love with that gal!

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