The other day I realized that I haven’t said a lot about Annie lately, and that’s because there isn’t a lot to say, which is good news. The best news, however, is that she is no longer on any medications for colon issues. Her body can do all it needs to do without any assistance anymore, and she is a healthy, happy ten month-old kitten. It was a long road getting to this place, but she is a tough little survivor, and I hope she has a long and very healthy life with us from here on in.



She is one very healthy eater. When dinner is ready and being carried to her eating spot in the upstairs cat room the stairs become the Indy 500 racetrack. She works every night to beat her previous times, squealing the entire way. Cracks me up every night. As is the case with most former ferals meal time is the highlight of the day. I don’t think the cats who have lived outside ever get over the worry that the next meal might not appear, and they make the most of each one that gets placed in front of them. Annie will do damn near anything for food, including trying to take it right from under Minh’s mouth! And the food must be doing her good because her coat is super-soft and sooo wonderful to pet.



She still loves her feather toys…second only to food in her list of good things in life.

Annie and feather

She will never be a large cat. Her early adventures with parasites prevented her from getting the nutrition she needed and that will keep her on the small side. But she probably weighs in the 7-8 pound range now, and she is getting tall and lanky, quite respectable looking.





She still loves sleeping in the cat trees, though she doesn’t fit as easily as she used to! She kinda flops over the edges now. But she’s a happy and healthy member of the family. She’s come a long way from the sick, close-to dead-kitten from last November. An early Christmas gift for us last year, she just keeps getting better.



13 thoughts on “Annie Update

  1. She looks relaxed and pleased with herself and her intelligent move she made last November. Thank you – it made me smile and almost had tears.

    1. She did make a smart move letting herself be caught – never thought of it that way!

  2. I love your story. She sure does look like a handful and healthy. I could never thank you enough for a making a difference in just one little Annie let alone all those animals you are caring for. Hope the other cat with eye injury is getting better.

    1. Annie is a pleasure, and beginning to be a little imp too! The eye kitty’s eye is not full of yucky puss anymore, but not improved otherwise…hoping to see the vet again today. But the poor thing is happy to be dry and warm and eating very well, so that’s a help.

    1. Indeed – Annie is a tough little kitty and we’re glad she got the chance to succeed in life!

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