I’m not sure I expected any of this when I signed up as a volunteer with Derry Township Community Cats, but I don’t regret it either.

Blackie, the little black cat we trapped a couple weeks ago, continues her rehab with us, but she moved into a bigger crate today, one that has a bit bigger footprint, and enough height that she can have a shelf to hang out on without being cramped.

Blackie's new digs

She moved from the spare bedroom to the upstairs cat room (yes, we have upstairs and downstairs cat rooms!). This way she will have some company and she’ll also get to see me interacting with our feline family members. As it turns out, Blackie is friendlier than I thought, and we’re thinking she might actually be able to make the transition to being an inside kitty. The best way to help her learn is to let her see how other cats live inside with their two-legged family members.

Much to my surprise, Blackie has been letting me medicate her without gloves or anything. She even lets me open that poor eye with one hand and put drops in with the other. She won my heart completely this week when she started letting me pet her for long periods of time, and starting purring for me. She’s still got a road to travel, but she’s indicating some willingness to journey along with me.

Her tail is doing really well, and is nearly healed. A week of antibiotics did wonders for her, though she might argue with that. (The taste doesn’t appeal to her in the least!) Her eye looks about the same, and we are still waiting to see what will happen with that.



As I’ve told other members of our group, I know enough to be concerned about the eye,Β  but not enough to know if I should be really concerned, or not so much. But she seems comfortable, and is happy to have me dab and dry the eye periodically. She’s eating really well, and her fur is mega-soft and silky, so I have to assume she is basically healthy. But I’m not a vet…so I’ll let the vets decide on that as we go along!


She is learning about toys. LOVES catnip…loves!! And she sleeps with a little toy mouse that squeaks.Β  I usually find the mouse or the catnip mouse used as a pillow for her. I’m trying to teach her about interactive toys, but this eludes her so far. Maybe when she watches me play with the other cats she’ll give it a shot.

I was really pleased to see her get up on her shelf today – always a nice sign of confidence when a cat moves up in the world.


Not so confident yet that she’s willing to un-corner herself, but this is a process…and she’s doing really well.

A couple of our cats are not thrilled with the idea of another cat in the house. They’ve barely gotten over Annie! But we’ll see what we can do to make everyone comfortable. InΒ  the case of one of the cats, Prozac is a really good thing!

Eight cats in the house is a whole lot more than I ever planned on, and Blackie is a guest…we’re very clear on that one! The problem with doing volunteer work of this nature is that you can get overrun with cats before you know it, and I’d really like to avoid that one. But Blackie can be our guest for as long as she needs…and we’ll be on the lookout for what’s next for her, especially if she ends up losing that eye (which would not surprise me a bit.)

12 thoughts on “Blackie’s Progress

  1. I can tell you that my one-eyed cat does well. She doesn’t know she only has one eye. We thought she would have depth perception issues or scare easily when blindsided but that hasn’t turned out to be the case. She moves her head to compensate and is like any other over active 2 year old! Let’s hope Blackie doesn’t need to lose her eye. It may make her harder to adopt.

      1. I’d love a second one but I have 4 cats. I know some have more but that’s what my house and energy fits. It’s unlikely anything will change in the short term but if it does, I’ll come a calling!

  2. It warms my heart to hear Blackie is continuing to heal. I’ve always had an extra tender place for black kitties. My first cat was a black longhair. I’m sure when the time comes, a loving and accepting home will be found for her. She sounds like she is already making the transition to domestic life. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. If she is that friendly, I am thinking maybe blackie is owned by someone before. Having a soft fur, too. Send Blackie over to katecrimmins to be a companion for Morgan. the one-eyed handful grey cat. πŸ˜›

    1. She’s definitely a feral. I think she is just a bit younger than I thought she was. I was figuring maybe a year old, but I suspect she is younger than that, perhaps by a good bit. She is pretty scared of me still, but approached carefully she is learning, and my cats are showing her the ropes. And I think Kate is happy with her four cats!!

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