Apparently it isn’t enough to hog the bed at night, to steal the covers and even hog the pillow if given a chance. And let’s not talk about her radar for food that has fallen on the floor, or the food that HASN’T yet fallen. She is there in record time either grabbing what has fallen, or begging for what has not. But now she has gone too far…she has stolen my chair. And she does not look the least bit remorseful, does she?





16 thoughts on “Thief!

  1. Not one bit..and two days ago I found Forrest doing the same thing…having a seniors moment maybe 😉 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. Your chair? When was it your chair? By the look of the dog hair on the bottom it doesn’t look like this is the first time! Gotta love ’em!

    1. Hehehe…yeah, nothing in the house really belongs to us. With 7 cats and two dogs, pet fur cleanup is a waste of time! We vacuum but it is mostly for show!

      1. I know the feeling. It used to be when “company” came I was vacuuming with a vengeance. Now my thought is that this is who we are and if they are allergic maybe they won’t stay so long!

        When we adopted Hazel, my husband said to get a short haired cat. Ha! She has such a heavy undercoat that she sheds more than the long hair.

      2. My philosophy exactly…this is the dogs’ and cats’ house too. That’s just a fact! If folks don’t like it they can invite us out to dinner instead of coming here.

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