It is happening again. Years ago I volunteered with PAWS taking care of cats who were waiting for forever homes. Within six months or so three of them found their forever homes chez moi. Now I volunteer with Derry Township Community Cats and Annie wiggled her way into our home, as cat #7. Blackie seems to be working on doing the same.

For those of you following her story she is making good progress. She had her spay surgery last week, and the vet was prepared to take out her eye if needed, but decided it wasn’t necessary. She gets to keep her eye! She has a tiny but of vision in it, probably blurry, but something nonetheless, and it continues to heal up. It may not look like it, but it really is improving.


She gets eye drops five times a day right now. Regular antibiotic eye drops twice a day, plus some really cool ones that the vet had made up special. They pulled some of her blood and spun it down into a serum and that serum is what goes into her eyes three times a day. Her eyes are no longer dripping gunk, so that’s nice to see.

The vet thinks she is a year or so old, though the smart little girl managed to avoid getting pregnant, even though she has been through at least one heat. My first thought was that a cat of this age is too old to bring in, but she is working hard on convincing me otherwise. She loves to be pet and she purrs endlessly. She actually lets me open her eye and put drops in five times a day without hissing, spitting or swatting at me, generally behaving better than any of my non-feral cats would. She plays with toys, has a great appetite and is generally a happy camper. If she is lobbying for a forever home that is inside, she’s doing a good job.

I don’t know what will happen with her yet…we really don’t need an eighth cat. Seven has been a bit of a stretch and stress levels might rise above anything we could manage if we add another one. But something tells me she is going to find a home. If nothing else, I forgot to ask the vet to ear-tip her (the universal sign that a community cat has been neutered) so perhaps the universe (and Blackie) are trying to tell me something.


(She’s cute, isn’t she??! <g>)


11 thoughts on “The Blackie Conundrum

  1. I knew this would happen when you did the first post. She is gorgeous and sounds friendly. What’s not to love. If you can’t find a home for her I hope you consider her. This is close to the story of how I got Morgan.

    1. Our cats are pretty stressed with seven of them right now, and one is actually on meds for the stress, so really hoping to find her a home instead! I am hopeful…

      1. I understand that. It took about two months until all the nonsense died down here when Morgan joined us and there were only three. My old cat is snarky. He uses urine to show his displeasure with me and I was doing lots of laundry. I hope you can find her a good home.

  2. I wonder if she started out in a home with humans and either ran off and got lost or was abandoned? Hoping for a forever home for her.

    1. I suspect she is a true feral, but the colony she came from (about 20 cats!) is very well managed by two neighbors, and she must have had some positive contact with people that way.

      1. My George was part of our feral colony, but he has bonded with me to the extent that when I was away for a week, he started pulling hair out under his chin.

  3. I am so glad she gets to keep her eye! sweet little girl! I hope she does find a forever home.

  4. Oh dear…always the way..the double edged sword of rescue 🙂 so glad Blackie is getting better and didn’t lose her eye! hugs Fozziemum xxx

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