For those of you who may be new to the story, I am caring for a cat we trapped who had a lacerated eye and wounds. She’s been hanging around in a dog crate for several weeks now, and is doing very well. Eye looks better (believe me!) and she has been spayed. Wounds are healed though her tail still looks funny from the shave!

She is doing so well with me, even for a year-old feral, that she got some freedom today, and got to explore in the upstairs cat room.

Turns out she loves toys, which I knew from her crate time. The cat dancer is definitely her favorite, though it makes me nervous to play with it and her. I keep hearing Ralphie’s mother in Christmas Story, commenting on Ralphie’s desire for a Beebe gun: “You’ll poke your eye out!” Trying not to poke Blackie’s eye when we play together!



She has also discovered cat beds for the first time in her life, and she likes them!





And she wouldn’t be a cat if she didn’t check out a box, a Cat Stacker in this case.  (You can see the “lion cut” of her tail in this one, where she had a couple big wounds.)


Blackie’s having a great adventure today…the good kind, and not the kind that beat her up so badly!

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    1. Still working on finding her a good home – that would make her story perfect!

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