Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist: Walking the Cat?

It surprises folks – they expect to see a dog at the end of the leash. But one of our cats likes some time outside wandering the yard, munching grass, and checking out the day. He seemed like the perfect choice for a photo challenge that asks us to show a twist!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist: Walking the Cat?

  1. Cats in general are undervalued. People often want a dog to keep them safe. I’ve read true stories about cats waiting up a household where the house was on fire or when someone had broken in and entered. Legend has it that the birman cats were kept in the temples in order to guard the gold in the temple. They have quite the same capacity to love and attach to humans; they just often express it differently. In my (biased) opinion, a house without a cat is not a home.

    1. It took a lot of time to get him comfortable, and even now he prefers to walk around the yard and chew the newest greenest grass and not go out onto sidewalks etc.

    1. We’ve had a couple escapes from the harness too. Luckily Hiro is more interested in eating grass than running.

      1. Chris is a grass eater too and I don’t worry about him but our cat Frankie is a runner. I want to try the harness on him but he struggles when I try to put it on.

  2. My tomcat, who’s been with us though a few moves, has always been acustomed to his new neighbour hood on a leash (two weeks of walking the cat before he’s been allowed outside by himself). He’s very good at it, but he was used to it when he was little (he was not allowed outside without a leash until he was 6months old).

    Great pic!

    1. It sure helps to start this when the cats are young! Good for you – I’m sure your cat loves it.

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