Will the Purrfect Playhouse be…perfect?

Tomorrow’s project just came via UPS this afternoon. Hiro, our wanderer, is just nuts being inside the house. As in peeing on the counters and attacking other cats. I don’t mind letting him be an indoor/outdoor cat (no lectures please) but he pees in the neighbor’s shed, all over their equipment, and that’s really not an option. We’ve tried playtime inside, Prozac, walking him on leash, training him to do tricks…and nothing is really as much to his liking as being outside. He especially likes killing things, but I’m not willing to help him with that one.

What we did order him was the Purrfect Playpen, a new containment product, 5′ x 15 ‘ with a roof. And we ordered him a dog house to go inside, with a flat roof he can jump on. But he can also go inside for a cat bed and water dish. And we have an old potting bench with three levels for him to climb on and hang out under. Tomorrow’s task…and maybe Friday’s depending…is to assemble all of this so he can have a summer (and probably fall and spring) home. He’ll be in indoor/outdoor cat again…just not free to roam the neighborhood (or kill bunnies).


(Isn’t he gorgeous??)

The video the company posted about this new Purrfect Playhouse shows it being easy to assemble, something I can do. I’ll let you know! It really does need some furniture, however. The poor cat in the video looks mucho stressed not having anyplace to hide!

Here’s hoping it makes him happier. And that is is as easy to put together as it looks in the video…somehow I doubt it!



5 thoughts on “Will the Purrfect Playhouse be…perfect?

  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea for him. I have only one indoor-outdoor cat and at age 16 I will never break him of that. I am fortunate that I have a cat door to the outside that only he uses. Every time we got a new cat my husband would be constantly checking to make sure it was locked when the other cats were in the screened in porch but the fact is that they watch him go in and out and never try it. I will say that indoor cats are easier because there is less worry but I think you have the best of all worlds there.

    1. I’ll let you know, Kate. Hopefully it isn’t too small a space for him – time will tell,

      1. With varying layers and hidey places, it maybe be ok. I hope so. Will he be in it all the time? If he likes it, you won’t be able to get him out. Was he slightly feral? Or just normal cat antisocial.

      2. No, he won’t be in it all the time. Especially when there are thunder storms, and other weather stuff. I adopted him from a rescue organization when he was perhaps 6 months, and only recently realized that he has an ear tip, so he must have been feral as a very young cat. He’s not really antisocial – just incredibly frustrated about not being outside. And he takes it out on the rest of the kitty gang.

      3. Jake is no longer allowed out after dark. We have too many predators in the area. In the nicer winter weather he gets frustrated too and gives the other cats a head wamp. He then pees on one of the washable carpets. Guess that’s common behavior for a frustrated cat. Poor little guy. I hope this works for you.

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