Well, Hiro’s summer gazebo is up and furnished. He has food, water, shelter, cat bed, cat grass, and catnip to entertain him, and I’ll bring a lawn chair in too so I can take a book out there to read and hang out with him some. He won’t be out there all the time by any means, but some time each day will help him…I hope. He needs to be outside, and whether this will be enough for him or not is yet to be seen. But we’re trying!

And just in case you’re wondering if it was as easy to put together as the video implied…NOT!!

Hiros house


Hiro eating


Cat grass








12 thoughts on “Hiro’s summer gazebo

    1. He is crazed when he has to be inside all the time, and if I let him roam free he sprays in the neighbor’s shed all the time. So we’re trying to find something that lets him be outside on his own, but not making the neighbors crazy!! He was actually pretty happy to be out there this morning, and I’m going to add a lawn chair so I can hang out with him and read out there.

    1. He spent about 3-4 hours in it this morning, and ate a nice ,meal there too. Since he came in at noon he has been sleeping, so fingers crossed that it tires him out enough that he is not restless for large parts of the day. I’ll probably put him in their mornings and evenings, weather permitting. That’s when cats have energy and need to expend it!

  1. It will really help…we had a lovely boy who we could no longer let out in our yard as he had Feline Aids…he would only ever be in our yard but we could not risk his health..even though desexed he sprayed the house all over..so the catio was built for him..he had a hammock and all the timmings and eventually he became used to this as his only outside time..he lived for 5 years after diagnosis and we still miss Merlin Mc Tavish and his gentle sweet ways…Hiro will be fine 🙂 great job! Hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. In other words, he has a five-star hotel for the summer. What a delightful thing to do to coddle the little fellow. And if anyone disturbs your reading, you can send him over to spray them. They will then leave you in peace.

    1. Well, I don’t know if it is 5 star, but at least 3 or 4. And he seems to like it fine so far. And he is a LOT less stressed. Fingers crossed that it continues.

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