Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story: Waiting

Our dogs get served their dinner, but they need to wait for the “ok” to eat. This photo seemed to capture that split-second moment between dinner being served and dinner being consumed. Doesn’t our dog’s facial expression tell the whole story?

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Paris awaiting dinner


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story: Waiting

    1. Waiting is all of about 3 seconds – but it does seem like an eternity doesn’t it!

  1. momwithoutpaws make old Cissy and I wait till she says yes. I do not mind, I spend the time drooling

  2. No dogs here just cats. Not only would they NOT wait, if I’m not fast enough the youngest will jump on the counter to help me. Odd thing is, she doesn’t like wet food all that much so a smell and a bite and she’s off to the races!

    1. Yeah our cats would be on the counter too if it weren’t for the dogs keeping them at bay!

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