Bird(s) in the Bush

This weekend we were going to trim one of the plants that is trying to climb through one of the window screens in the living room. We call the plant Audrey, after the ever growing plant in Little Shop of Horrors. But when my husband went to clip Audrey back, he got a surprise.

Mama bird


Mama bird was sitting on her nest, right on the window sill, and she wasn’t moving. She watched me carefully as I came to take her photo, but she showed no signs of flying away.

I couldn’t get a good angle to shoot her picture from outside, so I went into the living room to get some shots from inside, and discovered why Mama wasn’t leaving the nest.

Mama and feathers

I wasn’t totally sure what all the feathers were under Mama at first, but Baby peeked out at me soon enough. There are actually two baby birds in the nest.

Mama and baby

I guess we’re going to wait a bit to trim the bush back. And in the meantime we’ll be keeping that window shut and the shade drawn to give them some privacy. Now I know why the cats have been hanging out on that ledge lately. They’re going to have to find another show to watch.


20 thoughts on “Bird(s) in the Bush

  1. “Happy Thought

    The world is so full of a number of things,
    I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

    R.L. Stevenson

  2. How lucky you are! Great pictures! I get all excited about baby birds in the yard. Then when they fly off I go through empty nest syndrome. Boooo! There is one window that Morgan (my young one-eyed cat) favors and I see chickadees in that holly bush all the time so there must be a nest nearby. You can’t see the nest from the window so I let her watch the show but yesterday she got so excited she damn near pushed the screen out.

    1. I worry about the screens too. And with the mom and babies literally leaning against the screen at our house, the shades are down until the birdies fly off! Cats are much too interested…

    1. You nailed it! That’s exactly what the cats think, and in just that tone of voice too!

  3. Mourning Doves. They’ll fledge soon. Don’t remove the nest right away. The kids hang around for a bit while they learn the lay of the land. (And keep kitties inside!) Mom and Dad both take turns tending to the nest. If you leave it alone, they could have one or two more sets in the season. Always in pairs. šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the info! Mom and Dad were both off for awhile this morning, maybe getting breakfast for the kiddos. It was nice to be able to see them easily. And they’re getting pretty big…do expect them to fledge soon.

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