The babies have been on their own often today. Maybe a sign that they are getting ready to head off on their own soon? At the moment, they show no signs of moving, and nervously let me photograph them, but they’re looking fairly good-sized. In just a day they have lost a lot of the down on their bodies and are looking more adult.




For this shot, I actually climbed on a ladder outside to get a closer photo, rather than ones through the screen. I don’t dare lift the screen up from inside…kitties are MUCH too interested.



From the little reading I did they fledge in about 11-15 days after hatching, but hang around for a couple weeks after that.  A comment from yesterday’s blog says that there can be more eggs and babies, and Wikipedia confirms that they can have up to 6 broods (2 babies at a time) each year. We may have to figure out how to trim our plant between matings if we want to have an ongoing show for the summer.



11 thoughts on “Baby Mourning Doves

    1. No, they are the usual neutral tan/brown. They’re just situated in lots of sunny bushes and I don’t want to disturb things too much in photographing them, so they look a little green here.

  1. There must be a good and welcoming atmosphere at your house that in spite of all of the feline and canine family members the mama dove felt safe to lodge there.

  2. We just started seeing baby doves at our feeders so they are close of flying off on their own. Right now we also have baby finches which are so small hanging around the feeder. I love this time of year!

    1. I got to watch one of the parents feeding the babies today – such a hoot watching the baby stick his beak down the adult’s throat and grab food. Very fun to watch all this happening.

    1. See – didn’t I tell you you’d like today’s pictures?! They are just too cute. I’m going to miss them when they fledge.

      1. Yes you did, too. Sorry, I just buried the Woodpecker yesterday. As long as as your birdies remain alive and fly, I’m happy to see the leave the coop.

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