Baby doves continued

You might not be able to tell from the picture below, but the baby doves are getting bigger all the time. One of them, the one on the left, was out clubbing on Tuesday and Wednesdays nights. And I’m pretty sure he broke curfew – he wasn’t home when I went to bed. I haven’t seen the other, smaller one, leave the nest yet, but it shouldn’t be long. I’m sure the larger one has tales to tell about his night out in the wider world. The poor little one sitting on the nest alone looks kinda lonely!

Baby doves


11 thoughts on “Baby doves continued

  1. I’ve nominated YOU for a Liebster Award! Please see my site for the details. I really do enjoy reading your blog posts and always look forward to seeing what you have to say — and I think that makes you worthy of this blogging award!

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me. That is most kind. Please don’t be offended that I stopped dealing with the awards – I should say I’m an award-free blog somewhere on my blog!! They take away too much focus from my subject. But you are most kind to think of me – thank you so much.

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