I know folks who seem to be able to do rescue and animal welfare work day after day, month after month, with no break. But I’m not one of them, and neither are my cats. We all needed a bit of a break and a return to normal after Blackie went off to her furever home. I was very happy to care for Blackie for seven weeks, but I am also happy to have a little breathing space before the next TNR session starts in a week or so.

My cats, especially needed the break.


Cats are territorial creatures, and while Blackie was with us, their access to the upstairs cat room was severely limited. It would have been cruel to keep Blackie in a crate 24/7, so she had the run of the upstairs cat room for significant portions of the day. That meant, however, that the door was shut so Blackie wasn’t free-roaming in the house. She was far too feral for that! But our seven cats, stuck with only half of their usual space (the downstairs cat room) were rather stressed in the process. Fights were becoming a little too common close to the end of Blackie’s time with us, and it didn’t take much to set some of the cats off. Blood was shed a time or two, and all claws got clipped.

With Blackie settled in her new home, it was time to put things back the way the cats like them. Blackie’s crate is folded up, and will be washed and returned to the kind soul who lent it to me. Ferals are not always reliable about the litter box (though Blackie was pretty good) so the carpet got steam-cleaned with Nature’s Miracle (rather than shampoo) and now the cats can work on putting their own scent back on it. Litter boxes and other items in the upstairs cat room were cleaned, and everything put back in the usual arrangement.

It didn’t take terribly long for some of the cats to return. The regulars upstairs have been back to eat, sleep, and enjoy the day in their beloved cat room, and the house is a lot calmer.




Will we nurse the next feral kitty who needs some care for awhile? Absolutely. But just for now, we’re all enjoying a little rest, a little quiet, and a little normal. Feels good.


10 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. I was the same…burnout for humans and their own pets is too easy..those breaks are vital…glad all are settling well again ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. This hit home. When we took Morgan in, I kept her segregated until an all clear from the vet. (It wasn’t long enough though because after she was among my cats for two days I got the call about giardia and another parasite which required medicating ALL the cats.) The small bedroom became the ‘cat room.’ I put a litter box there and cat stuff. After she came out, it officially became the cat room (along with another bedroom they also use). We are now in the process of ripping out the carpet and putting in solid easy to clean flooring. Our acre of litter boxes are in a nice area in the basement but with 4 cats, we needed one upstairs too. When the floor is done, I will put a cat tree in there along with another chair and it will be in business. Mollie will continue to use another bedroom as her own (she hates visitors who displace her) but at least we will have one easy to clean room that we can isolate a cat in if necessary. There are two large windows so it’s bright and sunny. What we do for cats…..

      1. They will. Most of it is for Jake my aging cat who tended to use the upstairs litter box (and sometimes overshoot it or track litter all over). That is until we made the decision to rip out the carpet. Now he goes downstairs. Go figure.

  3. I think it’s so great what you did for Blackie, so admirable. It’s people like you who, boots on the ground, take care of the lost and stray cats of the world. Bless you for the good work that you do!

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