I Have a Little Shadow…: Annie Update

Annie and Thomas

It’s been awhile since I updated everyone on Annie. She’s doing very well. As you can see in the picture, she’s getting to be a pretty normal-sized cat, which is amazing given all of her health concerns–the four pound skin and bones cat, literally– when I captured her in her feral colony last November, days away from dying.

I used to be one of her BFFs, but I’m afraid I’ve slid way down the totem pole now that she has the run of the place. Thomas is her BFF now. She is, in fact, Thomas’s shadow. Where ever he goes, you will usually find her.Β  I’m useful for opening cans of cat food for her, but not much else.

Friends who have taken in feral cats (not babies, who can be fully socialized) tell me that this isn’t unusual behavior. Taking in a feral past the early days of socializing poses challenges, and for most (not all) of them, you’re likely to have a cat that is somewhat aloof. Annie, who used to eat on my lap, now runs from me most of the time. So we’re working on that. I need to be able to lay hands on her if I need to check something, clip nails, take her to the vet, etc. And we’re making progress. She is now required to let me pet her if she wants her food, and I am carefully approaching her when she is on a cat tree or other spot for a little pet.

When Annie was limited to the cat room for all those months of meds and healing, I was the only real game in town, and the source of good food, and is was easy for her to claim me as a BFF. She’s got so much else available to her now with the rest of the gang, and especially Thomas. So I guess we’re unlikely to be BFFs ever again, but hopefully we’ll continue to be pals. She’s healthy and happy, and has friends within the household, and that is as it should be.

9 thoughts on “I Have a Little Shadow…: Annie Update

  1. You definitely ARE Annie’s BFF whether she knows it or not. You’ve done a great service by saving her –thank you!

  2. She sounds a lot like my Hazel. I can’t catch her unless it’s suppertime. Taking her to the vet is an exciting game. I am glad that she has a feline buddy. That is most important. She looks so beautiful and doggone healthy! Kudos to you for taking her in. How is the outdoor cat doing with his yard run?

    1. Annie is very healthy now, something we thought might not happen for her. As for Hiro, our outdoor guy, he actually managed to unzip the cat enclosure, and he is grossly unhappy being inside. A friend of mine who does cat behavioral work might have a good barn situation for him with folks who take good care of their barn cats, and though it would break my heart to let him go, he needs to be happy…and being outside is what makes him happy. Stay tuned.

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