He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn’t he?



Don’t be fooled.

Hiro is our bad boy cat. Don’t get me wrong. We love this guy and we have spent more time and money trying to keep him happy that we can count. But this one is a challenge, even to those of us who think we know a little something about cats and cat behavior.

Hiro wants to be outside. That’s all he wants. He enjoys being inside for a few hours a day, for a meal and a nap, and then he’s ready to go back out. If he can’t go out, his bag of tricks includes howling, peeing on the floor right in front of us, and beating on any other cat who is foolish enough to be in the vicinity.

And though I’m definitely a fan of keeping cats indoors, I don’t mind letting Hiro out. Or I wouldn’t if he would stop spraying in the neighbor’s shed. The neighbors find that pretty objectionable. Can’t imagine why.

Short of calling Jackson Galaxy in, we’ve tried everything. Play therapy. Meds. Walking him on a leash. Giving him his own kitty gazebo.

Hiros house

None of it has worked. This guy, as a friend of mine says, is too smart for his own good. He actually unzipped the kitty gazebo and walked out – I watched him do it. He just put this big ole paw under the zipper, lifted it up, and exited as if it was nothing.


(I’m pretty smart, huh??!)

So, we’re coming at this a new way. We’re letting him out. I got some of the sonic cat deterrents that make a noise, only audible to cats, and they hate it, and I’ve planted them around the neighbor’s shed. I’ve tried carrying him over there and the minute we get within range he’s out of my arms and running fast, so there’s hope.

And we are hoping it really does work, and he doesn’t find some way of outsmarting the system. Because the only other solution will be to find him a barn situation where he can be outside and happy. It would absolutely break my heart to give him away, but I would do it if it was the only way to make him happy. I’m hoping it doesn’t come down to that, however.

I would really miss the guy. He’s a wonderful snuggler, loves the dogs (though they are less enamored of Hiro’s constant efforts to get the dogs to pet him) and he’s a beautiful cat. Sweet and healthy and  a great guy when he’s not completely frustrated. He can’t help it if his middle name is Trouble with a capital T. Fingers crossed that this works.


17 thoughts on “Bad Boy Hiro

  1. Sounds like my Jake. We have let him go in and out over the years (he’s 16) but now he doesn’t go far and doesn’t go out much. He doesn’t like cold or bad weather. However, when he wants to go out, he wants to go out. I have to board him when we take a trip because he would pee on the throw carpets. The bad news is that we have foxes and coyotes here and I have had to rescue him a few times. I have worried more about his cat then my other three (who are not interested in the great outdoors at all).

    1. Outdoors is tough on cats…not my favorite place for them either. But Hiro seems immune to logic and argument, much like Jake. Sometimes you just have to hope they will be okay, and know that they might not, but at least they are happy.

      1. Last spring (2013) I started breaking Jake of staying out overnight. It was a long hard summer with catphonies at 3 a.m. that lasted until 5. Eventually he became accustomed to being in all night. That and winter came and he was more content inside. This past week he has been waking me up around 4 but I am hopeful (or stupid) that it’s just a phase that will go away within a week. Keeping him happy is exhausting. You are so right though. It’s their life and you want them to be happy.

      2. Ever since spring hit Hiro has been the household tormentor. Nighttime is hunting time and that’s what he needs to do. He sleeps inside most of the day but after dinner, he’s ready to go out carousing!

      3. If I don’t let Jake out, he will hit one of the other cats (mostly Morgan) on the head. Luckily she will wamp him back and it’s not really nasty. My husband thinks he is the world’s most spoiled cat.

  2. Our cats are both “bad boys” too but we forgive their trespasses in exchange for hours of entertainment, laughs and snuggles…but I really do wish I could keep them off my counters! 😕

    1. Have you tried the SSScat sprays? That keeps our cats off the counters. Get them from Amazon.com. And yes, we do forgive the bad boys in exchange for all the good things they bring. Good with the bad…

    1. The other thing you can try is to get some of the carpet protectors that you put under chairs, the ones with the little pointy ends that keep it still on the carpet. Put it on the counter pointy side up. Easy to move when you want to use the counter and might work…did for some of our gang.

  3. when I think of a long life lived miserably indoors (for all involved, except for the good times), vs possibly his dream life lived outside…it seems worth the risk to let him enjoy a possibly shorter, but more contented life…lord knows you are trying!

  4. Hiro looks like a wonderful, cuddly cat. I guess cats (and dogs) are a lot like people — some just have a mind of their own. Hoping Hiro stays close to you because he seems like a great kitty.

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