15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Too Hot for Fur Coats

  1. sleepy happy unsuspecting, I will lunge and bark to get even for all the times a cat sneaked up on me. Woof!

  2. Poor babies…I used damp tea towels as bandanas on the pups and cool wash cloths on the kitties while they slept..what is the temp? hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Temps about 92Farenheit or so yesterday and today again with very high humidity which is what really gets you. We have window air conditioners in some rooms so there is some escape from the heat for the poor things (and for us poor things!!)

      1. Is that usual for you…that would be not bad for us here…and humidity is always the killer…our summer had some lovely 113 F day with 95 per cent humidity..was a real killer for the poor old pups here..i hope you get a cool breeze soon!

    1. The rain we had here cooled it off for about 15 minutes…rain stopped and temps went way up again. Sigh. Summer is not my favorite season.

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