It stops the neighbors cold. They’re not really sure they’re seeing what they seeing. One of the great joys of letting Hiro, our wandering cat, outside again, is that he really enjoys walking our dog, Butterscotch around the block.

Really. Now, I don’t have any pictures of all of us walking because I haven’t yet figured out how to take a picture of myself walking the dog with the cat, so you will just have to take my word for it. Butterscotch walks with me on leash, and Hiro walks along, sometimes next to us, and sometimes up on a lawn a bit, depending on what else is going on around us. And the neighbors do a double-take. “Is that your cat? ” Yup, that’s Hiro. He won’t walk on a leash to save his life, but he will take the dog for a walk anytime he can.


(Pardon the awful pictures from my cell phone!)



I have to admit that I enjoy amusing the neighbors. I love the surprised looks on their faces. But Hiro surprised me last night.

I hate it when people don’t pick up dog poop when they’re out on walks. It is just plain rude to other walkers. And those of us who walk dogs for a living get extra-annoyed with folks who don’t clean up after their dogs.  I always pick up what my dog deposits. But last night was the first time I had to pick up cat poop on a walk. I couldn’t believe that my cat was pooping, out in the open, on someone’s lawn, but then again, outside cats must do this all the time. Still, I couldn’t just let it sit there. And Hiro knows I pick up the dog’s poop. What would he have thought if I refused to pick up his?

So I guess they’re going to have to amend those signs in my area that say things like “please pick up after your dog.”  And I’d better plan to carry an extra poop bag on my walks from now on, at least when Hiro is joining us. I guess if I ever need a fecal sample for him, I know how to get one now. In a house with seven cats, getting a sample from a particular cat is pretty much impossible, but Hiro will be a no-brainer now. We’ll just take a walk with Butterscotch.



15 thoughts on “Cat Walk

  1. Love it! Often Cleo will walk with us around the property..stopping when we stop..sitting with s when we sit….it’s so natural for her to just amble along meowing as she goes…Hiro you would have a great walkies cat friend here 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. I never know when he is going to show up and walk with us, but I’ll have to see if I can get a photo sometime. It would be a fun one to have.

      1. No. He doesn’t like being penned in. We took it down. A $400 mistake!! But may be useful for something else someday.

  2. I love this story! Our kitty, George Bailey became our kitty (or we became his people) because he persisted and insisted on walking our dogs with us. He was an absolute pest from the time he could venture out without his mama. Finally, my husband said we need to bring him in.

      1. That is very true! :). Oli is scare of the outside anyhow xD he never sets a food past the front door – if he does he climbs up my jeans =.= xD

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