Brotherly Love, Kitten Style

I gave the Orange Brothers some time to play together tonight. Rather than just reaching through the crates they spent some time in one crate together and had a blast. Here is their version of brotherly love!     (Upside down love) (“Hey, stop a second…she’s watching us!”)   Who cares if she’s watching us?…Read more »

The ups and downs of TNR

We’re finishing up our most recent TNR (trap/neuter/return) week, and it has been a bit of a roller coaster. It looked like smooth sailing for a while, but then two of the kittens developed diarrhea. I don’t mean just a little bit of it, either. It was hard to believe that two little three-pound kittens…Read more »

Annie’s Annual

Annie’s annual with the vet is coming up next week. That’s not normally a problem with our critters. They don’t much care for their vet visits, but I can get the rest of them there with a minimum of difficulty. Annie, however, is going to be a challenge. I have no idea how I am…Read more »

I get paid for this?

Some days, as a pet sitter I think: “It is a really good thing I get paid for this.” Like this morning, when I got up in the dark to get to three diabetics in a row. There are other days when I think: “I get paid for this? Really?” There is little that is…Read more »