I just love it when  people tell me I probably won’t see their cats. Almost always I get to surprise them, and send them photos of the cats they were pretty sure I’d never see. But this time, I thought my client might be right.

I was taking care of an outdoor colony this weekend, and if there’s a group of cats a stranger might not see, it’s a group of feral cats. So I went about the feeding and changing their water bowl and putting stuff away, and then just sat a little at a distance from their eating area, and waited. I had time.

To say that it was a pleasure hanging out there is an understatment. Really and truly, any feral kitty who gets to live here is super-lucky. Fenced in garden/forest that is full of vegetation  and walking paths throughout. A pond with a waterfall. A shed with lots of kitty boxes filled with straw, and some dog houses outside the shed filled with straw too. All kinds of stuff to climb on and hide under. I was totally blown away at the gift of this yard for this colony of cats.  Taking care of a colony is not inexpensive or easy, but this group hit the jackpot with someone who has given them everything an outdoor cat could possibly want. The kindness and beauty of the place brought tears to my eyes.

So it wasn’t that hard to sit in this wonderful, lush green place, and wait. And my waiting was rewarded. Some cats came to eat. Others came to stare at me from a distance. One or two scampered by quickly checking me out on the way.  All in all, I saw about six of the colony members, and their caretaker was quite surprised. Guess I had good cat vibes this weekend.

Here are some of the kitties that deigned to be photographed. You’ll notice that no one is going hungry!








I hope I get to care for these lovely kitties again sometime…and get to see even more of them!

8 thoughts on “Cats I wasn’t supposed to see

  1. How wonderful for you to see them…and what a lovely protector they have to have provided them with sanctuary 🙂 great pics 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

      1. Reminds me of Hazel. Her diet isn’t doing so good. I don’t know how she does it but she somehow steals food from the others (who have not lost any weight). I think she has secret opposable thumbs and snacks at night.

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