Some days, as a pet sitter I think: “It is a really good thing I get paid for this.” Like this morning, when I got up in the dark to get to three diabetics in a row.

There are other days when I think: “I get paid for this? Really?” There is little that is more fun than playing with a three month-old kitten, aka perpetual motion machine.













13 thoughts on “I get paid for this?

  1. Just gorgeous! Sitting a kitten is the best! My friend with 2 cats is on vacation this week. Usually she asks me to feed them because I also make sure they get some exercise. She asked the neighbor boy to take care of them this week. She has one incredibly shy older cat that doesn’t come out for anyone but me so I’m wondering how it’s going. She has been away quite a bit this year and I think she was afraid of imposing because I don’t ask her to watch my cats to reciprocate. I have a vet tech come in because I feel more comfortable with that. She’s trained and experienced so she can handle any situation and I know she won’t get caught up in a meeting and forget.

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